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Pole Dance Can Be...Whatever You Want it to Be

I recently had the incredible opportunity to interview for a story in the St. George News. The reporter who conducted the interview asked a lot of great questions about why I started pole dancing, what benefits I gained from it, and what I hope to bring to the people of St. George.

My own story of pole & aerial dance is similar to many — I was looking for a fun way to get fit. I was quickly hooked by the open and supportive environment and the opportunity to express myself in a sensual way. As awkward as I felt at the beginning, learning that I could be sexy was hugely beneficial to my sense of self and personal confidence. I thought that was a quality women just had or didn't have. And I was certain I didn't have it.

But this is not everyone's story. While I tend to emphasize and promote the benefits of women connecting with their sexuality, there are a million ways to "be" a pole dancer. Here's a just a few reasons women I know, inside and outside of St. George, have connected so deeply with pole:

  • It helped them build (or rediscover) their athleticism and strength

  • They enjoy the flowy movements and lyrical elements of pole

  • It helps them connect with their bodies in a mindful way

  • It's just FUN, and they love the goofiness of pole culture

  • They enjoy challenging themselves in a supportive environment

This is another big one: They are neuro-divergent or a member of the LGBTQ+ community or otherwise a cultural misfit, and they feel they can truly be themselves in the pole community. I have truly never seen a single person ignored or ousted in the pole community. Weirdness is celebrated, large and small bodies are encouraged, and all sexualities and gender expressions are welcomed.

This was huge for me, because even though all of these things are gaining greater acceptance across the country, in general, I don't think we've matured beyond lip service in many cases. I've always been an advocate of inclusivity and the pole world has it dialed in!

So if you are watching pole dancers, or observing our social media posts and thinking to yourself, "I want to try that, but I don't really want to twerk," don't worry — you can make pole your own. You adjust the sport to your personal goals and our instructors will help you get there.

Why do you pole? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Ready to try your first class? Grab our First Class for $14 pass and jump into an Intro to Pole class.

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