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Top 4 Pole Dancing Moves in St. George, UT

Pole dancing has become increasingly popular over the years — so popular that is has even come to St. George, UT! Not only is pole a great way to get in shape, but it's also a fun and creative way to express yourself. At CirqueFit, we encourage our students to bring their unique energy and approach pole in whatever way feels natural.

Especially when you live in St. George, it's important to connect with your core and love who you are, how you look, and to find a supportive community like CirqueFit where you can grow.

If you're a beginner in Southern Utah looking to get into pole dancing, you might be wondering where to start. Here are our students' top 4 favorite beginner pole dance moves.

1. Fireman Spin

The fireman spin is a basic pole dance move, but it's also very versatile. It's a great move to learn because it can be used as a transition into other moves, and it's also a good way to get used to spinning around the pole. It also has several different versions, depending on your preferred leg placement.

To do the fireman spin, start by standing next to the pole and grabbing high with your inside hand. Grab the pole about waist height with your outside hand for extra support and be sure to engage your shoulders to avoid injury. When you're ready, step forward onto your inside foot, swing your outside foot around, and start to fall into the spin to gain momentum. Then hook your outside foot around the pole and place your inside foot on your side of the pole so you're gripping with your ankles.

2. Chair Spin

The chair spin is another beginner-friendly move that's great for getting used to spinning around the pole. It's also a good move to practice if you want to build up your upper body strength.

To do the chair spin, start by standing next to the pole with your inside hand gripping high on the pole, and your outside hand holding on at chest level. Step forward with your inside foot and swing that outside foot with gusto to get some good momentum. Once you get enough speed, lift both legs and bend them at the knee as if you're sitting in a chair. Follow the momentum around the pole.

3. Back Hook Spin

The back hook spin is a little more advanced than the previous two moves, but it's still a great move for beginners to learn. It's a good way to get used to shifting your weight around the pole and transitioning between moves.

To do the back hook spin, start by standing side-to-side with the pole. Your hands are going to be opposite from the previous moves: Your inside arm wraps partially around the pole and your outside arm reaches high over your head and grabs. Instead of stepping forward into the spin, you're going reach your outside leg out and begin to fall backward. Hold on tight! Let that outside leg lead you and give you momentum. Once you feel the pole on the back of your inside leg, lift both legs into a triangle shape with knees apart and toes together. And don't forget: Vaj out! Push your pelvis out to complete the shape.

4. Front Hook Spin

The front hook spin is similar to the back hook spin, but it involves falling forward instead of backward. Place your inside hand high on the pole and your outside hand at waist height, as we did in the first two spins. Hook your inside leg in front of the pole so the pole sits in your knee pit. This time, use your outside foot to propel you forward and fall into the move. As you fall, drop your inside knee, lift your outside foot, and lift into the triangle shape with your pelvis reaching outward.

This is one of the more difficult beginner moves, especially when it comes to getting momentum, but practice will get you there!

Final Thoughts

Pole dancing can be an intimidating hobby to get into, especially when you live in a conservative town like St. George, UT. But it's important to remember that everyone starts somewhere, and even if you don't gain the acceptance of your neighbors, you will find a whole new community of amazing women who will cheer you on in your pole journey.

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